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Are you a trailblazer for the next generations? 

Become part of the next stage in our development.


Whether you are a corporation, foundation or individual, we invite you to connect with us and find out how we can combine the future of this project and your visions.

You can join us in our seed-funding round or invest in ZurichRetreat’s infrastructure and property.

We are planning to act as an operating company and thereby set up a real estate division as our main investment vehicle. Operating on a stewardship-ownership model, we put purpose before profit. 

We are  happy to provide you with more information on the project status on request.

Finding the right location is essential. Do you know of a suitable property or land? Please let us know. 

Our ecosystem thrives thanks to our strategic and content-providing partners. We look to establish long-term collaborations with organisations that share our vision.

Contact us to do a stakeholder interview.

With our systemic approach, we are active in the domains of several SDG´s, but mainly focus on our mission to educate and build partnerships. 

We collaborate with the following organisations:

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