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We are a group of like-minded individuals with a deep longing for a different world. With a great diversity of backgrounds, we have lived eventful lives with a lot of

transformative experiences.


We came together to live our dreams and create a project with purpose and social impact.

There are currently positions available in our team. Contact us if you would like to engage and contribute to the project.


Martin Hohn is an independent consultant and social entrepreneur with his company He founded the ZurichRetreat project out of his desire to support societies’ transition to a new paradigm.

Before starting ZurichRetreat, Martin worked in the international luxury hospitality industry in six countries on three continents, being involved in four opening projects. Later he worked with two start-ups in the food industry. 

"I am driven by a desire to be of service to humanity in transition.

My personal journey has led me to the point where I realized that my purpose lies in supporting the evolution of consciousness in society. As individuals, we have to start taking ownership of our lives and our human potential in order to thrive and solve society´s most pressing issues. I am committed to seeing this project succeed and becoming an inspiration for similar initiatives around the world”

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Siiri Musten is a passionate advocate of the new ’Future of Work’ practices. Siiri has an MSc in International Management, 10+ years of global consulting experience at a Big4 firm and worked in Talent Management & Leadership Development in the Pharmaceutical industry. She has always been interested in human nature and practiced conscious living over the last 10 years. 

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Johan Niklasson is a Business Developer and assists companies and people to find what is essential. He is part of ZurichRetreat because of his deep commitment to human evolution. Johan has worked as an Osteopath, been part of many different types of startups in several countries and was part of the founding team at Schloss Glarisegg seminar centre in Switzerland. 

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Cori´s passion and motivation to join ZurichRetreat, is to help individuals to step into their true purpose and greatest joy. Cori has an International Business degree. She is known for her rare combination of keen inner sight and highly strategic business acumen with 20+ years experience in multinational companies’ cross-Industries and various roles, such as global Business Development, Relationship Management, Marketing and Strategic Sourcing. 

Daniel is a strategy consultant, entrepreneur and coach who works with individuals and organizations to facilitate change. Having worked in Europe, the US, China and the Middle East in various industries. His involvement with ZurichRetreat is based on his deep conviction that organizational and societal change starts with the individual - ZurichRetreat will provide an ideal space for this ongoing transformation. 

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Niklaus Frey is a Coach and Breathwork Teacher who supports people on their challenging journeys. He is part of ZurichRetreat because he exudes a passionate commitment to be the change he wants to see in the world. He worked as a HR Business Partner, responsible for the Trading Floor and the General Counsel of a major Investment Bank in Switzerland. Niklaus enjoys traveling, exploring new healing methodologies and captivating books & movies.

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Is a self-employed social entrepreneur, part-time teacher and a dad of triplets. Andreas works in the development and design of living spaces, including intergenerational living, interior design in schools and sustainable and community-promoting meeting places.

He enjoys traveling, surfing and has a passion for interior design.

Andreas joined ZurichRetreat because its vision to form a holistic campus matches his own. 

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Dominique Killer is an architect with a sensitive approach to the social environment embedded in nature and sustainable design. He is part of ZurichRetreat to create innovative ways of living and sensing new spaces. Since he graduated at the Swiss Federal School of Technology he is working for a Swiss architecture office based in Zurich.

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