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A space for inspiration,

connection, positive change & new possibilities

In a world of changing paradigms, it has become necessary for individuals and organisations to get acquainted with new ways of living, working and being.


We are creating a transformative campus where integral learning experiences will be available to a broad public.

Thanks to its unique infrastructure, Zurich Retreat serves as an ideal space for inspiration, connection and positive change. Our goal is to become a leading competence centre in Europe for next-generation organisations, applied sustainable living and vertical learning.

We are committed to show that there are solutions for more sustainable lifestyles and alternatives to our current governance systems in corporations, organisations and society. We want to inspire hope and confidence in people from all walks of life to live empowered and conscious lives.

Our ecosystem serves as a platform for all individuals and organisations to join forces and together, co-create the prototype of a new society.

We are subject to radical challenges, but also great opportunities in the years to come. We believe that now is the time to get ready for the shift and embrace this unique moment in the history of humankind in order to ensure a sustainable future for the next generations.

Current challenges in our society cannot be resolved with the same mindset that created them; therefore, we advocate a new approach to learning combined with wholeness through self-realization. Only if we realise the patterns and behaviours that led to the current situation can we shift to a new way of thinking fuelled by more consciousness and supported by new ways of learning.

We advocate an awareness-based holistic systems change.

We will operate on a DAO inspired, Blockchain based platform, that provides the technological foundation for our community based ecosystem. 

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