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Our vision is to create a unique space for individuals and organizations to experience new concepts of living and working. 
The project brings together best practices of holistic health, organizational development, sustainable innovation and community living.
The project creates a holistic transformational centre where new models of conscious working, living and learning are applied and developed.
We support people and organizations in their endeavour for meaningful purpose and a conscious way of life.
Our modern eco-infrastructure and service experiences, create a sanctuary for body, mind and soul; making it a sustainable space for healing and inspiration in a natural environment. 
Our core-team has completed the business plan and we are now looking for the seed investment.
We invite visionary innovators to become part of our network to co-create this project together.
We are currently evaluating potential building sites in the surroundings of Zurich. 
If you feel aligned with our vision and want to know more, please contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you.
This is a project by:
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